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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to ddownload or haven't found an answer to your question on this page, no problem! This page provides quick answers to frequently asked questions about ddownload and ddownload premium.

Common Issues and Solutions

Image of slow ddownloadSlow ddownload despite premium
Some customers occasionally report speed issues. This is due to special pricing negotiations between ddownload and internet service providers (ISPs) like BT, Virgin or plusnet. If they cannot agree on a price for delivering your downloads, they have to take a long detour, resulting in slow delivery. Since ddownload is a globally operating service, this can affect a wide range of ISPs worldwide. Apart from that, there can also be local disruptions to your internet connection.

Image of fixed ddownload speed issueDownload issues fixed with Surfshark VPN
You can solve this problem by using a virtual private network (VPN) between your computer and the ddownload server. This encrypts your internet traffic and caches your downloads through a server. There are VPN services that have very fast servers and are affordable. Here is an overview of current ddownload VPN providers and how to set them up.

Questions about Purchasing a ddownload premium account

You can purchase a ddownload premium account here. Depending on your geographic location, ddownload offers different payment options. Choose the one that suits you and complete the purchase.

The payment method Paypal requires prior registration of a free account.

To purchase a ddownload premium account anonymously, you can use the payment methods Coinpayments (cryptocurrencies) or Cash2Code. With the latter, you will receive a code that you can present at a gas station or convenience store and pay with cash.

Ddownload protects itself against payment fraud where users buy premium accounts and then initiate chargebacks. Please register a free account with your email address first, and then more payment options such as credit card, Giropay, Sofortüberweisung, Paypal, and Cash2Code will be available.

Cancellation of a ddownload premium account

Ddownload does not offer a subscription model for most payment methods, which means that the premium account expires automatically, and no cancellation is required. Subscriptions are only available with credit card and Paypal. If you are unsure whether you have a subscription, you can check and cancel ddownload here.

Other Questions

In rare cases, ddownload may suspend premium accounts as a protective measure. One possible reason for suspension is if the system detects multiple users sharing the same premium account at the same time. This issue can often be resolved quickly by contacting customer support and creating a support ticket. The ddownload customer service will usually reactivate the premium account within a short period of time.

For free users, ddownload is slow, with a maximum speed limit of 50kb/s and a 2-hour limit after downloading a file. Premium account users have no speed restrictions, only a daily limit of 200 GB per day.

To speed up your premium downloads and protect your identity using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), we recommend the Dutch VPN service Surfshark. The software worked without any problems at all times, the connection process was fast and reliable, and in our test, we had very good bandwidth utilization at all times of the day.

If you have further questions or need additional assistance regarding ddownload or your ddownload premium account, or if your account has been suspended, please create a support ticket. The ddownload customer service will contact you within 24 hours.

You can currently reach the ddownload customer service exclusively by creating a support ticket. The customer service handles inquiries in German and English and typically responds to your request within a day. TIP: Provide your request in as much detail as possible to avoid unnecessary delays and future efforts.