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ddownload Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is not part of the terms and conditions and applies to the internet offering of ddownload under the domain www.ddownload.com. The privacy policies of ddownload do not apply to internet offerings of other service providers. ddownload reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time without prior notice.


During the registration of a user, personal data is collected. This includes the user's email address, the selected payment method, and the associated data required for payment processing. The user's access data is stored by ddownload and not shared with third parties unless there is a legal obligation to do so or the user has consented.

Correspondence via Contact Form or Email

The user is generally free to provide fictitious data regarding their identity in correspondence. If it is necessary to perform actions related to the user's contract with ddownload, ddownload requires data to uniquely identify the user. If the correspondence, whether via email or contact form, is unencrypted, it is not protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

Data Storage related to the use of ddownload


Data that is stored, logged, and processed in the use of ddownload, obtained automatically by our web servers with each access of the user to the website/subpages of ddownload, includes, in particular, the IP address of the user's requesting computer, the date and time with the corresponding file name, the amount of data transmitted, and a status message indicating whether the request/access/retrieval was successfully completed. In order to ensure the security of our IT systems, especially against misuse, the aforementioned information is stored for a short period of time. ddownload reserves the right to anonymize and/or use the collected data for statistical purposes.

Cookie Storage

If the files uploaded by the uploader/user redirect to ddownload through hyperlinks from third-party internet offerings/websites, this is also foreign information for ddownload. ddownload does not endorse this information and assumes no responsibility or warranty for the availability of external internet offerings/websites. The user is entitled to take precautions to prevent or block the storage of cookies, either through browser functions or separate software. However, ddownload expressly points out that blocking cookies may result in a limitation of the service provided by ddownload or other service providers.

Policy for Appropriate Use

Our "Fair Use Policy" aims to ensure:
a. the availability of our services to all eligible ddownload customers; and
b. that the Fair Use Services are not used in an inappropriate manner.
We reserve the right to change the terms of this "Fair Use Policy" from time to time. We may rely on the "Fair Use Policy" if your use of the "Fair Use Services" is deemed inappropriate, as defined below. Unless otherwise stated, the capitalized terms used in this "Fair Use Policy" have the meanings assigned to them in our agreement with you.